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The Toddler Zone at-home child care

Many parents like to know about the daycare and the employees.   Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our daycare.

Our Daycare Philosophy

The objective of our daycare is to provide a reliable service for parents with prices they can afford.  Being a mother of two, I know how expensive daycare can be and that is why I take pride in charging at least $15-$40 less than most daycare facilities.  Also, I understand the importance of children beginning to learn at a young age, therefore I teach preschool and kindergarten-aged lessons and projects.

Our Employees

Employees play an important role in any daycare. Here is where we get a chance to tell you a little about ourselves.  I, Catrina, am a 25 year-old mother of two boys.  Due to my former major of education and my desire to work with children, I decided to open up at home childcare.  My assistant is my grandmother, Jean.  She has experience in operating a daycare herself.  She is also a mother of four children.  We are both looking foward to meeting you and your children!

Our Daycare

This is a daycare where your child can learn as well as have fun!  There will be many activites, outings, and parties.  Every month there will be a calendar sent home with all the upcoming events listed.  In the summertime there will be a "water day" every Wednesday and an outing every Friday.

Daily Agenda
6-7:45am-Arrival and Cartoons
8:30-9:30am-Educational Programs
11-11:30am-Story Time
12:15-1:15pm-Nap Time
1:15-3pm-Movie Of The Day!
3-6pm-Play Time*
*There will be a snack given before project time and then again at play time toward the end of the day.
We provide breakfast, snacks, and lunch.

Hours of Operation

The hours of operation are Mon-Fri 6-6pm.  On national holidays there will be no daycare available.

$100.00 weekly
$190.00 weekly if you have two children from the same family.
$50.00 weekly for before and after school care.  Transportation provided for Meadowbrook and Davidson elementary.  An additional $10.00 will apply to before/after school child if you bring your child all day when school is closed.
$90.00 weekly for school-age children in the summer time (this means your child has just finished the school year and is out for the summer).

The Toddler Zone  Gladstone, MO  US

The Toddler Zone